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For the those who love to flaunt their back or booty. Indulge in a unique Luxury Experience like no other. Our treatments are gear to exfoliate, extract, hydrate, and make you feel oh so smooth and sexy. All of our treatments include a stone massage or you can benefit from a Hot Salt-Stone Massage alone.

Features Includes:
✔   Vegan
✔   Animal Cruelty Free
✔   No Chemicals
✔   Stone Massage Included
✔  $175 Members : $275 Non-Members

Body Treatments

Perfect treatment for those backless dresses or shirtless guys. Remove dead skin, black heads, and achieve a smoother, clearer & hydrated back. 

A Pösh Treatment for the derriére. Show off your sleek, lustrous buns with this Hydrafacial Treatment.

Hair Growth, Scalp Stimulation Treatment Promoting healthy hair follicles and hydrated scalp. 
$499 Non-Members 
 $399 Members

Hot-Stone Back Facial

Hot-Stone Booty Facial

Keravive Hydrafacial
Scalp RX

Serving all EXCEPTIONAL Women & Men in Dallas, Tx

- Kim 

"I'm so happy I was referred to you. The Aesthetic Experience & Back HydraFacial was well worth it for my wedding. Even my make up artist ask me, what are you using on your skin, it looks great." 


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