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The Naked Facial

Hydrafacial MD

SPa Facial


The NAked Vajacial

Brazilian Wax +

Booty Facial

Back Facial

Scalp Facial

Aesthetic Facials

Aesthetic Body Tx

Our Signature Facial designed to give you dewy sculpted skin. Great for New Clients and Special Occasions. 

Innovative technology designed to remove all impurities from within the pores. Includes Lymphatic Drainage, Red Light Therapy and Facial Hair Removal. 

For Returning Clients. OxyGeneo 3 Step treatment or Hands on Spa Facial. Customize for Optimal Results.

Skin Corrector: Reduces dark spots, acne scars and fine wrinkles.

Perk Lip: Hydrating, Plumping and Exfoliating Lip Treatment.

Henna Brow Sculpt: Brow Wax & Henna Tint along with soothing under-eye treatment and Red Light Therapy.

An signature HydraFacial Vajacial Treatment that will remove impurities from the pores, eliminate blackheads  acne and ingrown hairs while soothing the skin with hydrating serums and RED LED Therapy. A facial for the bikini area. 

Vegan hair removal to the bikini area including butt strip and underarms followed by a hydrating soothing mask to relieve redness and sensitivity.  

HydraFacial Booty Facial to smooth skin, eliminate ingrown hair or acne and brighten the skin. Includes lymphatic Booty Plump and LED Therapy. Perfect for beach weather and special occasions.  

Back Treatment to remove fine pimples from sweat production, even out skin tone, smooth skin and treat additional skin concerns. Includes a soothing hot-stone massage or deep tissue massage. 

Patent technology to remove gunk from hair follicles and infusing of growth factors to delivery healthy hair and increase hair production. It really works!