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Become a Vegan Beauty and receive special offers for an entire year. Hydrafacial MD services are $50 off and you will receive 10% off services or retail items plus a very special birthday gift. 



Experience the top 3 services: Signature Hydrafacial treatment, Vegan Brazilian Wax and HydraVajacial. (A savings of $100 with this package, not eligible with any other offer)

Menage Trois Package


The Pretty Kitty package is design to give you exactly that, a Pretty Kitty. Walk around smooth and hairless, no irritation, no shafting, no thigh burns. This package includes a Vegan Brazilian Wax, A Vegan Vajacial, A Vegan Thigh Wax, A Vegan Thigh Facial and Skin Tightening/Fat Melting Treatment to the Inner Thighs. You will Also receive a free trial pack of Kitty Scrub & Moisturizer to take home . 

Pretty Kitty Package


Receive 4 sessions of full body Ice Sculpting. Sessions are performed twice a week. This is an exercise booster to your current fitness regimen or for maintenance results for those who are post-op from Lipo 360,  BBL, or other forms of plastic surgery.   

Sculptice Body Package