After seventeen years in the Medical Industry, people often ask. "What got you into the beauty business." My answer to them is 'My clients." They are the one's who saw something in me I didn't even know existed. So the great thing about visiting Naked Facials is you will be filled with so much education about the skin, body anatomy & so much more you will wonder "Where have you been all my life." 

I'm Lízzÿ, your Skin Coach & New Skin BFF.

Vegan Skincare is the way to go. There's NO chemicals, NO skin reactions resulting in HEALTHY SKIN.

My essentials

SPF/Moisturizer Combo that doesn't leave the white film on the skin

Daily Protect

My Genie in a bottle. A night time exfoliator that awakens you to soft smooth skin.

Power Peel 

Magic in a bottle. Two that is. Never grow old with this power dynamic duo. 

Duo Cleanser

Locks moisture into the skin. No more dry, flaky skin!


Vitamin C is a must have for all skin types. An antioxidant that evens out the skin tone.

C Power

"You are Beautiful
in your
Naked Skin."

"Skincare is a learned habit, be accountable and do your routine daily."

"Let the experts handle your skin, monthly facials are a need."

I believe: